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"Nutty" Flavor from Pils Malt?????

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    I am concerned about pitching the next day. Generally this is a cardinal sin. I have suspicions that a low-level infection could be having it's way with the wort before you pitch it. Try taking a sample out of the fermenter before pitching, put it in a sterilized pint glass (or such), covering it with plastic wrap and watch it for a few days. Look for haze, then smell it. Pour back and forth roughly between closed glasses (like a bartender shaking a drink) and smell again. It may be a function of a small inoculation of an undesirable creature, which is more or less productive in different random batches. A dark beer is more reductive, more acidic (a different medium), and more flavor hiding. Even an excellent understanding of sanitation can miss little things.

    I would suspect that iron pieces broken free from old pipes would not influence the beer, unless the water was colored or hazed. I would expect that size of particles would cause them to fall to the hot liquor tank bottom and be lost when it is rinsed out. I couldn't rule it out completely, though with so many unknown variables.


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      Thank you very much, Moonlight!

      I learned a lot with your reply...

      Kind Regards,
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        With further reading, I found out that the nutty flavor is , by definition, furfuryl compound (almond like).

        Am I boiling the wort to hot?