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Who Brews An American Light Lager for Brewpub?

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    Dont know if your still taking votes on this, but if so I would say do the lager if you have the space. dont use adjucnts so you can teach these people to be better beer drinkers. Make it light (mostly Pils or 2-row Pale and one Munich, etc.)

    If you have to use an ale yeast I like the Cali blend from white labs. 001/051, and a touch of CaCL in the mash.

    Good luck and happy brewing.
    "Uncle" Frank
    Frank Fermino
    Brewer I, Redhook, Portsmouth, NH
    Writer, Yankee Brew News, New England
    Wise-ass, Everywhere, Always


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      Scandinavian Lager

      I brewed a light beer that has been very popular this Summer.
      10 BBL
      250# 2-row lager malt
      100# flaked corn
      S-23 yeast
      9.5 OG - 2.6 FG
      Perle bittering hops
      US Hallertaur for character and aroma
      Around 10 IBUs

      Beer did not clarify entirely even after a 30 day lager - made me nervous during filtration. It was a bit 'corny', I thought it tasted better with a tiny bit of salt. When I make this again will shoot for the same OG but will reduce adjunct ratio to 4-1 instead of 5-2. The owner has told me not to alter the recipe, but what he don't know won't hurt him! We never sent this to be checked for calories or alcohol, so we can't call officially call it 'light'. It came out a beautiful straw color, crystal clear after DE filtration.

      Portsmouth Brewing Co.
      Portsmouth, Ohio