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Anyone ever do a Gose Beer???

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  • Anyone ever do a Gose Beer???

    I am looking at trying one and am in search of a something to go off of to get started. Any ideas??????

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    Never even HEARD of Gose until now.. I'll be damned, sounds interesting though.


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      Here is what I would do.

      Grist load: half malted barley, half malted wheat, designed to give about 15 EBC in Color and 11,5 Plato

      Mash Intensivly for up to 2 hours

      Collect runs offs and keep them at about 50 C or 122 Fahrenheit, inoculate with homofermentive lactobacillus, keep at 50 C until PH droped to about 4-4,2. This might take up to 48 hours

      Boil and add hops for only bittering to reach 10-14 IBU,

      I would add the salt (sea salt) at knock out rather then during mashing, although it would be more authentic. How much? No idea!

      I would as well boil coriander in water separatly and add it after fermentation, rather then during the boil, to be able to control the level of intensity better.

      Ferment with a bavarian hefeweizen yeast or belgium wit that has a high attenuation at usual temperature, mature for 2 weeks. I imagine that the refrehsing quality will profit from higher Co2 level.

      Serve with: Sirup red or green, cherry liqueur,Curacao or a caraway liqueur, please note that german liqueur is the sweet alcohol that has to contain at least 100g of sugar in a liter.

      I would very much like to know, what you will do and how it turns out. I did a Berliner Weisse in similar way, never a Gose though!

      "How much beer is in German intelligence !" - Friedrich Nietzsche


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        sounds like a Berliner Wiess?

        Mike Pensinger
        General Manager/Brewmaster
        Parkway Brewing Company
        Salem, VA


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          Sounds an awful like a Berliner Weiss with the added "Schuss". When I was in Germany I had a friend of mine post me a bottle of Gose that was filled up at the small family run Ernst Bauer brewery in Leipzig. I remember an article by Randy Mosher that detailed "forbidden beers" and he included Gose as one of the restricted beers. Included in his book Radical Brewing is a recipe for Gose.

          Here is the recipe for Gose from Randy’s book (Note: Mosher’s recipes are calculated based on an efficiency of 75% - refigure ingredients based on the efficiency of your brewery.):
          1.5 lb 23% Pilsener malt
          1.0 lb 15% sour malt
          3.5 lb 54% wheat malt
          0.5 lb 8% unmalted oats (oatmeal)
          1.0 lb -- rice hulls
          Step mash, with rests at 113° F and 153° F. Dilution of 2 quarts per pound. Note that the first batch of hops goes into the mash rather than the boil. Mash-out at 170° F. This gets only a short 45 minute boil.
          28 grams add to mash Spalt (4% AA)
          14 grams 45 minutes Spalt (4% AA)
          At end of boil, add 0.25 teaspoon salt (plain salt, not iodized) plus 28 grams coriander. Ferment a little on the cool side at 62 to 67° F.
          Yield: 5 gallons
          Gravity: 1.036 (9 °P)
          Alcohol: 3.2% by vol.
          Color: Pale straw
          Bitterness: 10 IBU
          Yeast: Bavarian Weizen
          Maturation: 3 to 4 weeks

          Hope it works out............



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            I believe there's a recipe in Mosher's Radical Brews, too.

            There's also one for Gratzer - I may just have to try out...


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              yes, Berliner Weisse (lacto, Bavarian Weizen yeast, brettanomyces)and Gose(Bavarian Weizen, coriander, Salt) aswell as Leipziger Gose (Lacto, Bavarian Weizen yeast, coriander, salt) are from the same happy Weissbier-Family, sure thing they are not worlds apart. The L. Gose should and did contain lactic acid bacterias, having them pre-boil has the same effect as adding acid malt, the ph does not lower into the extrems.

              The lactic acid in a Gose should aswell be less assertive then in a Berliner Weisse.

              The oat is interesting, no Gose brewer in Germany is using oat today though, they go for thin bodies.

              yes Conan, The Ernst Bauer Familienbrauerei is making the Gose for Döllnitzer Gosebrauerei W. Goedecke & Co., who serve it at the Gosenschenke "Ohne Bedenken" in Leipzig, and that is really a beauty!!

              hmm the more we talk about it, the more I wanna brew it myself :-)
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              "How much beer is in German intelligence !" - Friedrich Nietzsche