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  • Celeia Hops

    Anyone try out Celeia hops? I'm assuming they are like the noble variety's. I have some and was thinking about brewing a "one off" with a big late addition of these hops. Just to try it.

    What do you think?

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    I have used these recently - they were sold to me by hop merchant as a variety of Styrian Golding, apparently they stock three different varieties under the Styrian Goldings banner.

    they are Styrian Goldings-like but more intensity with a little lemon zest, same orange characteristics as SG, but with a bit more zing. Only used them at low levels recreating a recipe from 1960's. Subtle bittering qualities, but good for late hopping or aroma. Quite a cheap aroma hop over here.
    Alpha can be between 2.5 -7.5 with good cohumulone (25-30% of AA) so should give mellow bittering.

    Good luck


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      we use this hop in a single hop golden ale, with 18% wheat malt. It is one of our big seller, specially in the summer time. we add the hops during the last 30 minutes (pellets) and a 1,5 gr addition in the pressurized hop back (whole)

      We really like this hop in an ale, it gives you a lager like dimension with the fruitiness from the warm fermentation.



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        Sounds like a good hop to try. Do you go for a big hop flavor and aroma from your later additions? What amounts do you use? I'm not sure what you mean by 1,5 gr in the hop back. Thanks for the advice.



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          1,5 gram / liter wort


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            Curious about your recent experiences

            Really old post, obviously, but I'm always looking for more information about hops I like. I experimented with Celeia back in '11-'13, left brewing for a couple of years and have been using them a lot more than ever since late '15 when I came back.

            I love their multi-purpose character - they are nearly noble in a lot of ways, though a bit more resinous, but they also have a citrus character - lemon and orange - and an additional general "fruitiness" in the background. They are great for an aroma hop, but I've recently used them as a bittering hop for a Pilsener, and they came across not dissimilar to the gentle bittering you get from Hallertau. Celeia ends up in a lot of my seasonal/experimental beers where I am trying to get something other than the hops to pop - like premium malts, smoked malt, spices, etc. They get out of the way, while still providing a lot of supporting character.

            Since they aren't new (and seem to have never become very popular to begin with, at least in the US), there is little out there that is recent - actually, very little in general.

            Does anyone else like this hop as well as I do? If so, what are your experiences and what are you using them for?