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    What about for brewpubs

    Any idea what would work for brewpub operations selling kegs out the door?


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      Just to put in my two-cents on a dead thread, I have spoken with a fella by the name of Kerry at OrchestratedBeer. He sent me a tiered pricing chart, but I can't seem to find it. However, if I remember our conversation correctly, I do believe the OnDemand solution can have 1-5 users (I think), and the price is based on a set amount and goes up per user needed. I'd say you're looking at around $500 per month for a 1 user account. This software, as awesome as it is, is just too robust for something of our size.

      I'm probably going to go with BeerRun/BeerPub. It's cheaper and offers plenty of functionality for a small brewery/brewpub; does your TTB Excise and BROP, and other useful features. It integrates with QuickBooks and other accounting software.
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