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    Hi Everyone,

    We are in the process of getting our lab setup and I'm wondering what other people do on their Brewers Report of Operations

    We plan on propagating yeast in the lab and then transferring to a larger prop tank. Obviously, we are *technically* making beer when we do these starters (anywhere from 1-5L) so I was wondering if any of you report this on your BROO. The way I see it there's three options:

    1. Report Everything (IE 1 Liter starters all the way to the larger propagation tank
    2. Start reporting when you move the beer to the larger propagation tank
    3. Don't report propagation

    Armistice Brewing Company

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    Do you divert wort from a large batch, or make small batches for it specifically? If you divert wort, then you account for it in your production of the larger batch. If it is a separate batch, then you should record it as such, but all of the wort would go to the lab, there is a line for this for wort used for testing, etc.