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Issues with TTB Tax Determination and our Layout

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  • Issues with TTB Tax Determination and our Layout

    We are hopefully close to finalizing a layout for our space with the architect now. It's a long and narrow space inside an indoor sports practice facility. Our layout is attached and we plan to serve most of our beer from serving tanks in the tap room. My question is if we want to also have kegs can we serve them in the tap room if they are located in the walk in which is inside the production area? We would run beer trunk line from the walk in to the taps at the bar.

    Thank you

    NOW 10-17-17-Layout1 (1).pdf

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    What is the problem? From what I can see, the only potential issue is that you can not store tax determined beer in an area for non-determined beer. So when you outline the production area and show at what point beer goes from non-determined to determined, make sure it doesn't include the cold room you want to use. This is something that the TTB likes to see, an actual physical point where the status changes.


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      I was hoping there wasn't one. Thanks for reviewing. Do I just tell TTB that it becomes tax determined when we move it to the walk in cooler or the serving tanks in the tap room and we are good?



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        How about it becomes tax determined when it is moved into the serving tanks or when it is kegged...

        I assume your FV's are Uni tanks and you are carbing there prior to moving to serving tanks and kegging as I see no BBTs.
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          Yes, you do state when you tax determine. On your diagram/plat that you submit as well, you have to have drawn lines indicating the areas where the two types of beer are stored. And you can not have mixed storage.