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    Is there some real help available to explain TTB 5130.9? Normally I do not have trouble with IRS forms, but this TTB thing is making me doubt my sanity. I have tried to understand the instructions and I the result is that I have doubled by beer production and removed 2.5x the beer I brewed. I appreciate that making beer is magical but this is crazy.

    Thanks as always,


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    What are you removing beer for?

    Second question, probably should have been first. Are you sure you need to fill out 5130.9? If you are paying less than $50,000 annually in excise you can use... 5130.26 which is quite a bit less BS in my opinion.

    On 5130.9 my way of filling it out is not exactly what they were asking for but every drop was accounted for and it was acceptable to the 3 TTB auditors that visited my premise.

    I put every once of beer produced in the quarter in question on line 1 box B and G, same number. I put nothing on line 33 for total beer on hand at end of quarter. Doing this makes this form very simple to fill out. Here is the key, we tax determine at time of packaging. Technically the TTB wants you to tax determine when the beer goes on a truck (unless you have serving tanks), so they told me in person. This way protects us as every single packaged beer on our premise is already tax paid. No matter what happens to it lost, stolen, broken. Back to filling out the form, you take your total barrels produced and divide it into bottles/cans and draft. Cell 6g is the same as 1g (fill in 6c and 6e). 9g and 10g are the bottled/canned and draft respectively (fill in 9d and 10f). Line 13g is 3x the total of 1g everytime you should be able to add it g down or 13 across and still be the correct number.
    Line 14, 22, 23, 25, and 26must be filled out that should make 34g the same number as 13g, remember this will be (for some reason I have yet to discover the logic) 3x the total amount you produced. Finally if you have beer removed it must come out of the draft or bottled/canned total. Lines 13 and 34 should be the same all the way across.

    Yuk I do not miss filling this out...Cheers. J
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      If youve got the budget for it, I use TTB tamer. Works great for us. Having filled the forms out by hand before, they can be tricky but are pretty straightforward when you figure it out. TTB has a nice worksheet for the 5130.9 at . If you can do the 5130.9, the .26 is a breeze. As mentioned before, the easier you can make the math the better, like not having beer on hand at the end. This is not always easy, since you would have WIP that is definitely untaxpaid beer on hand, which the TTB wants to know about. Read the guide, it covers what cells need to agree, and remember, you pay tax only on beer removed for sale outside or sold on premise through the tasting room, not the total beer at the bottom, that number is the sum of beer on hand at the beginning, beer fermented, beer racked to bulk storage, and beer racked to kegs, so it is a much bigger number than the beer you sold.


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        Thank You

        Thanks everyone. You were right. I don't need the .9 form.