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Brewer's Notice Source of Funds Question

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  • Brewer's Notice Source of Funds Question

    I'm kind of confused on how to document my funds. It looks like funds can come from one of three sources: loan, gift or existing funds. I have funds coming from a few different sources, have some questions on how I should document each.

    1) I won some startup money in a business pitch contest. I'm assuming this will be considered a gift? I'll just have the non-profit that awarded me the prize create a gift letter noting the amount of gift and that they have no ownership interest in the business?

    2) I recently refinanced our house and am using some of the funds from that in the brewery. Would this be considered existing funds, or a loan? I've had the money in a personal savings account for about a month and I'm only using around half the refinance funds in the brewery.

    3) A partner sold a real estate property and is investing some of that money into the brewery. Since he can show more than three months of the money being in his personal account, I'm thinking this is clearly existing funds?

    4) What if I wind up taking out an additional loan AFTER submitting my application? The brewery building is owned by another corporation (that's owned by myself and the same partner in the brewery). Our plan has been for the corporation that owns the building to mortgage the building to pay for renovations then lease the finished building to the brewery (new LLC). Recently though, I've been made aware of a new loan product that might make it beneficial for the brewery LLC to take a loan for the building renovations. What happens if I switch gears after the application has been submitted and decide to take out another loan for the brewery?

    5) Blood relative gifting me some funds...just the gift letter and bank statement showing the deposit?

    Thanks for any direction you can provide!