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How do you create a fun, safe and welcoming culture for your employees?

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  • How do you create a fun, safe and welcoming culture for your employees?

    We’re hearing the phrase “corporate culture” tossed around a lot lately but what does it actually mean? And how do you promote a healthy culture for employees at your brewery? I wrote this -- the fourth in a series of articles on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) issues -- to help beer businesses add that extra “je ne sais quois” that makes everyone in town want to work there.

    Article #4 These Breweries Boost Workplace Morale by Encouraging Communication and Incentivizing Their Employees in Unique, Fun and Meaningful Ways

    Please feel free to post your questions and share your experiences with the community in this forum and visit the ProBrewer Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion resource pages for additional DEI articles and resources.

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    An important aspect of a welcoming culture is internalizing it. This is best done by doing the "little" things that may not be noticed but over time help strengthen this culture. These things affect the subconscious, which then affects our thoughts and behaviors.

    I wrote an article for Start A Brewery that covers some of this (not sure if sharing is allowed here). Here are some ideas (some may be tricky with COVID):
    • Have a “Welcome” mat at each entry door, including side/back doors that staff uses.
    • Don’t talk while someone else is talking. Listen.
    • Try not to stand directly in front of someone when speaking/listening. (Face-to-face can seem confrontational. Instead, try to stand slightly off to the side or next to the other person. Maybe turn your body a bit at an angle).
    • Handshake or fist bump greeting when seeing someone for the first time that day.
    • Staff family night
    Those are just some ideas to get the creative, welcoming juices flowing.
    Jason Gladfelter

    Beer Geek
    Conflict Consultant
    OvalOptions for Conflict Management