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What's the best brewing boot?

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  • What's the best brewing boot?

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    name Scott

    I am looking for the name of a good brewing boot. Is there an alternative to the big rubber boots? My feet end up sweating so much in my boots that it doesn't seem to matter if I'm wearing my boots or not and my feet are killing me by the end of the day. I've tried Gore-Tex, but the Gore-Tex seems to break down after a couple of months with the chemicals and all. I've resorted to wearing sandles, figuring that since my feet are going to get wet any way, they have a better chance of drying out with the sandles. I'd rather find something a little safer. Has anyone tried those little rubber booties that just cover shoes? Please help.

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    name Mike Murphy

    I just bought a great pair of brewing boots, They are german, NORA is the brand. They are great, They include, steel toe, grounded for electric shock, absrob shock to the heel. I brewed a double the other day and didn't have tired feet! Plus they look cool. There black with a red stripe around the sole.


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      Brewing boots

      I reccomend you get a catalog from "Lab Saftey Supplies"......
      They carry a thousand handy things for the brewing industry.
      They also offer a huge selection of boots...the best in my opinion after 14 years of working in brewerys is a brand called "Bata".


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        You can try Grainger, they have a pair of ankle high black rubber boots with yellow laces (just as a discriptor, not a fashion note).
        Also if you have an Agway or Farm equipment porvayor ask them about "Mucks", they have them in low and high they have rubber and neoprene and breath well.

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          Just buy a pair of boots from a feed store and get a pair of insoles for them. Its Cheap enough to replace and comfortable.


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            I was given this site from a brewer friend. I can't vouch for
            but they came highly recommended to me.

            Cheers & I'm out!
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              Neoprene breathes so much better than cheap rubber...this means others around you later will breathe better, too.


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                Fireman's Boots

                I bought a pair of fireman's boots. They retail for $125. I felt that was a reasonable amount of money since I would be wearing them for 8+ hours a day on concrete floors and S/S platforms. The boots are resistant to chemicals, have steal toes, comfortable to wear and insulated electrically. The down side is that they are very heavy when compared to other boots.
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                  I bought a pair of Red Wing waterproof boots last summer, model 1206. They are water and chemical resistant, the super sole has excellent traction on wet painted concrete. They are comfortable, one downside being that they are hot in the summer due to the waterproof membrane. Model 2206 has steel toes.