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  • Bathroom

    I couldnt seem to find any information on this by searching and is probably a stupid question but none the less a question. I am looking at a 1200 sq ft space (properly zoned, vanilla box, concrete floors) in my downtown area. It is a great space with great visibility but there is no bathroom. As a nanobrewery (still the same as a 10bbl brewery technically) is a bathroom required by the TTB on a floorplan or by state/city inspectors?

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    TTB doesn't specifically require a bathroom as far as I know but,
    Your local agencies may, and...
    Your customers definitely will, along with you and your employees.


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      Thank you! I agree with what you said. As I stated I am brewing 1bbl batches with the majority of work contracted out (bottling). This is more of a pilot brewery. Pretty much just me. I do plan on hosting events and tastings. I have 10 business around me. As far as I go, im fine.


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        Pretty much guarantee that your local zoning official will look at your space, set the occupancy limit and that detemines how many (not if you have one) bathrooms are needed. And it will have to be handicapped accessible. I'm sure this will be required for your Certificate of Occupany.

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          While regulations may vary on bathrooms... You're gonna want one. A brewday is just that. A day. Whether it's a pilot batch or a water brew, after the prep, brew, clean-up, etc, you could be into the 7 hour mark...

          My 2oz.



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            Just incase anyone has this issue, the space I am in is zoned that I do not require a bathroom on a city level (medium sized city, downtown area). I can put one in if I choose to do so, which has to be ADA compliant.


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              So just put a brew bucket in the corner to pee in and I guess you're all set then.


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                Or i can just use the bathroom I am installing!
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                  An excellent idea.


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                    Clearly regulatory requirements vary from place to place, because I am certain our health inspector would require it.

                    Whether it be 1 person or 1000.