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    Originally posted by OGBrewer76 View Post
    Don't know if this will help, but I made S.O.P.'s for everything, CIP, when we clean what floor with what chemical, where items are to be stored. In every S.O.P. I list required and optional PPE. It's a living document, so don't worry about getting it all. But it does demonstrate that you are thinking about these things and taking a proactive approach to safety and monitoring. I also drew out a diagram of the brewery and walk-in cooler space too. For many S.O.P's, I used the info from where I bough the chemicals. Also, have a MSDS folder, or SDS as they call it these days, handy. And lastly, I made a training document illustrating CIP of a tank to demonstrate that the true cleanable surface was the tank, and everything outside, walls, floor, etc, was secondary.

    Hope that helps
    Hi John,

    I'm also currently working on SOP's for a nano opening in the next couple months. Also not trying to reinvent the wheel...just tweak some things to be more applicable to my processes but any forms that you'd be willing to share would I'm sure be a big help!


    Jordan Costello
    GL Brewing
    Austin, TX