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labor and labor budget questions

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  • labor and labor budget questions

    Hello everyone,

    I am a brewing student and currently putting together some business plans for a class. I have a few questions regarding labor. The projections are for a 30 bbl, 4-vessel system with capacity beginning at 7500 bbls/year and maxing out with 15000 bbls/year several years down the line. My questions are:

    How many people would be comfortably need to start up and what would the specific roles entail?
    Is it smart to have roles overlap? Especially in the beginning?
    How much should I allocate toward the labor budget? (Assuming that we would be paying current going rates)
    What would growth for employee numbers and salaries look like in conjunction with the growth of annual output?

    Thank you for any help in advance!

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    I would take issue with your volume projections. A 30 bbl implies you are more than a tap room thus having production. You are extremely unlikely to hit 7500 bbls in the first year. If you did, it would not take several years more to double that.