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  • Beer Spilage

    Just wanted to know if anyone has any info on average beer spilage in the brewpub world.

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    spillage as waste or spillage into glasses over the bar top?


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      both i would like to know industry standard in a brewpub.


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        Hey Shiva,

        This is a very important topic that many brewers overlook. Spillage is a cost of sales nightmare if imporperly managed. Here is what I have experienced in my years of brewing. I have seen spills as high as -25% and as low as +4%. I’d say the industry average is some where in the -8% range. Spill is the easiest place to increase profit and decrease cost. Remember, the more you spill the less you get cash for.

        Couple of things to remember as a pub brewer.
        1. Do your spill number every week, and make it accurate
        2. Make sure your POS is set up correctly to account for every sale (cash or comp)
        3. Watch your dollars gross profit per bbl as well as your spill will find the info very informative.
        4. you ‘gotta dial in the draft…don’t let the problem be poorly pooring beer
        5. Don’t forget to take into account line cleanings

        Also, we collect the spill from the draft drains into a bucket under the bar and measure it daily….good way to tell if loss if from theft or from poorly pouring or poured beers.
        Larry Horwitz


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          Also don't forget stuff like;
          Employee theft
          Shift Beers
          Managers and Bar knowing the difference between a void and a comp
          Getting all tasters rang into the POS

          Average keg has roughly 1980oz of beer. Typically you can account for about 1970oz (10oz to foam on retap unless using fobs and other variances)