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Cost of build up for a Tasting Room

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  • Cost of build up for a Tasting Room

    Hello All,
    I am looking for general information on the basic cost associated with building a tasting room on to a brewery. The cost would include building the bar and all necessary equipment such as wash sinks, plumbing and so on. We hope to purchase tables, chairs, possibly that wash sink, eye candy and so on from auctions and used equipment suppliers. We plan to go middle of the road with the design and look, not too fancy but not plywood tables and folding chairs, if you know what I mean.

    I guess what we are looking for is general numbers such as dollars per square foot so when we get rolling we know how much we need to have in the old checkbook.

    Thank you and I look forward to your comments as always.

    Mark Duchow
    Brew Master
    Short Fuse Brewing Co.
    "The best beer is FREE beer"

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    Hi Mark,
    I believe this cost will be extremely dependent on you local contractors. What it costs to build here in Montana may not be what it costs in your neck of the woods. Meet with several general contractors, tell them what you want, and collect bids.

    Glacier Brewing Company

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      It depends on what you want to spend, what your vision is, and what you can find and auctions. I found nice black wooden chairs for $45 a chair at auction and solid oak table tops for $50 a top. But then later I needed more chairs and paid something like $110 a chair to get matching ones. Also I have never seen chairs as nice as the ones that I bought in 3 years of auction watching in my area, so auction finds are what they are and sometimes you get lucky and sometimes you don't.

      I recommend that you use a computer program or just a foam board with a diagram of your space and lay out the number of tables and chairs you need then start looking at different suppliers to see what chair and table combos you like and what they would cost if you bought it from them, then find your local auction house and start going to auctions to see what things go for.

      As far as the bar goes they are much cheaper than you think. I built my bar and back bar for less than $1000 and it is 45' long with inlaid Irish coins and it is oak. But I did build it my self so that saved me thousands in labor.


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        Captain Mullet,

        Have you checked out a restraunt auction sites that might be semi-local to your location, a good deal can be had if you are patient.

        Here is an example of 3 off the top of my head:

        Good luck on your build.

        /s Tufftoad


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          Do you already have the space? Just putting a tasting room into existing square footage? If so...

          Not the best answer, but whatever you want to spend. I am just finishing my tasting room in an existing space (not an addition) and the cost is mostly materials for the bar that I am building, finished concrete floors , paint, etc. I found a great deal on used seating and we are building our tables from reclaimed industrial skids. $300 used 3 compartment sink on Ebay + plumbing. Plus draft equipment/cooler. So, it's what you want to spend + what you can find + what you have to spend. Remember, it's a brewery, not a sports bar.

          But...It really depends on the space. Do you have to cut into the floors for plumbing? Will your building department require ventilation, bathrooms?!!! Bathrooms! - I had to put in an extra and expand the existing, and I'm spending a good chunk on make-up air requirements. Those guys can kill your project faster than anyone. Check with local building inspectors, you may be required to get an architect and submit drawing$ !!!!!!!
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