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  • nj brewing laws

    i am pursuing a startup in nj, i know already about the restricted brewer's license. but can anyone tell me about any wierd taxes and laws that may impede my progress? i cant seem to find any information or anyone giving me a straight answer, seems to be a very vague law in nj. can anyone give me a comprehensive list of laws and taxes concerning nj breweries? thanks so much

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    I am also starting a brewpub in Southern NJ. Along with your plenary brewery license, NJ Statue 33:9-1 (classes of licenses) also requires a Class C License for the purpose of serving your product to your customers on premise and a Class D License to Transport your product to Wholesalers if you grow to add distribution to your brewing. Now we have found that the plenary license is expensive ($10,625 application fee) but it allows you to do more with the brewing side of the house. The class C and D Liquor License is almost imposible to get down here. There are issued by the indivdual towns and can be as much as a $1,000.000.00. Thats alot of 0's. We are going to purchase a bar and turn it into a brewpub to get around the 0's. NJ Statue 33:1-10 explains the different Class A Licenses and Fees for Winery's and Breweries to include brewpubs. I lived in Hoboken for many years Good-Luck with your project.

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      we already have the liquor licenses. is the restricted brewers license the only other thing i need?


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        Yes that's all you need. You don't plan on possibly selling your beer outside of the brewpub?


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          eh, not initially

          once im up and running, yes

          you cant bottle and distribute in nj anyway right? already owning a brewpub?

          only kegs to restaurants no?


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            Welcome to Brewing in NJ. If your ever in the area please stop by and say hello.
            IMHO you can only sell your product "on premisis". This includes draft and bottles. Up to 2000 bbl/year. I don't think you can get a licence for a distrubuting brewery combined with a resturant at all.
            Good luck to you both.
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              Wow, it's great to see all these people working on breweries in New Jersey.

              I'm also working on a small brewery up in north New Jersey, in the Weehawken/Union City/Jersey City area. I'd prefer to take my chances and not do the brewpub thing, and just run a very very small brewery, and just do distribution locally myself.

              From the sound of it, this is near impossible to do in New Jersey? I don't want to serve or sell on premise.

              Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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                If anyone opens a brewery In cape may I'll move back to the USA to brew for them.