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  • Sir Brewsalot
    Just sent you a private message...


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  • toddlintown

    Thanks Eric,

    BBCo is on my list as is Schell, and I was working my way to Anchor. I was thinking some sort of dish using sourdough bread for Anchor. I actually have a copy of J.E. Siebel's recipe for steam beer and might work the recipe into the book too.

    Responses aren't coming as fast as I'd like, but you can't brew a good lager in a week either!

    Glad you liked the Chgo Beer History books. I have a new hardcover coming out this month that combines both books, with a lot of heavy editing, revising, and adding of new material, plus a new brewery tour in the back, and all new pictures.

    Should be a good year with 2 books coming out, a better year if people buy them.

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  • JEQuick
    Sounds like a great project, Bob. I can't wait to read it. I'm a huge fan of your History of Beer and Brewing in Chicago series. Good luck on the wrap up.

    You might ask the guys at Boston Beer Co. about the Boston 375 Colonial Ale they brewed last fall. I'm sure there are some classic New England dishes they could suggest to go with it as well.

    There is the classic Anchor Steam. Schell Brewing's Original Lager is brewed with 30% corn an was developed at the end of prohibition. They are in Minnesota, so I imagine appropriate cuisine would be Swedish meatballs, lutefisk, or even surströmming for the more adventurous.

    I hope this is of some help.


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    colional style porter

    I might have what you need. I just mashed in a colonial style porter with black strap molasses and toasted oats. (Boy, it smells good in here!)
    send me a quick e-mail to so we can swap stories.
    You are only 45 minutes away so you can even try it!
    Matt Van Wyk
    Flossmoor Station Restaurant and Brewery

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  • toddlintown
    started a topic Author Request Beer & Food

    Author Request Beer & Food

    Maybe you folks can help me here...

    I'm working on a manuscript for a book titled, BEER & FOOD: An American History, to be published in the fall by Jefferson Press

    I'm hoping for your help in assembling a final chapter of food recipes using beer but with a historical or regional bent. If any brewpubs or breweries out there have a beer in their portfolio that is brewed to an old pre-Proh recipe (maybe with some corn) or uses adjuncts like molasses (as in an old colonial era stout), I'd like to hear from them. I'm especially interested in a combination of an old-styled brew and a regional dish---one playing off the other...Capital 1900 and brats, for instance. No Belgians. This is a history/cookbook about American beers and American foods.

    This is from my publisher's site and gives an idea of what will be in the book:

    Beer and Food: An American History
    In his sixth book, recognized American brewing expert (they write this, not me), Bob Skilnik, sets out to document the parallel evolution of the United States brewing industry as it has shaped American cookery from colonial times to Prohibition to its continuing influence in today's modern kitchens. Beer and Food stands as an enthralling piece of historical non-fiction with its tight and widely-unknown narrative about the birth and rise of our national brewing industry and the resulting changes in the preparation of both familiar and esoteric dishes. Whether it's beer-boiled brats, wild salmon grilled on cedar planks, or rich brownies washed down with a creamy stout, Skilnik uncovers the origins and history behind scores of beer-related foods in his own descriptive, polished style. In short, this title has the ability to grab and fascinate every type of reader; beer enthusiasts will discover, among other things, the development and legacy of the lightening of brews in the United States, as well as the recent surge in microbreweries; historians and appreciators of American food will embrace the author's unique slant on our national cuisine; and all will want to keep Beer and Food near the kitchen as it describes and lists the recipes for 101 beer-included or related dishes!

    A food recipe or two that utilizes an old-styled beer, perhaps with a bit of history behind it, would be appreciated. The last chapter of the book will be a nice vehicle for FREE publicity for any cooperating brewery or brewpub.

    Any questions, comments?


    Bob Skilnik