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Negotiations w/ proper owner

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  • Negotiations w/ proper owner

    Hey guys - beginning the process of tracking down a location for our start-up.

    I wanted to pick the collective brains with regard to some questions I should be asking. I have some basics, and things I find important to me. But from some of you with more experience out there I'd love to hear what you would consider the "must ask" questions.

    Also with regard to negotiations for TI's / Build-out - any advice?

    I'm sure there are a few ways go about this, but how about with regard to lease payments prior to doors opening. How have you guys worked this? Would you do anything different if done again?

    Negotiation tactics - I'm not a "wheeler 'n dealer" by nature and I often get taken for a ride when purchasing things like cars so with this I want to have as much of an edge as possible.