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    Howdy Everyone,

    A few members of the community here who we've worked with requested I post here. I'll let them chime in on their experience if they feel so inclined but as we all face the uncertainty that is the upcoming winter, stimulus, and covid figured the more resources the merrier.

    At SMBX we're working with breweries around the country to help them issue Small Business Bonds to refinance high interest debt and/or raise new capital (ex. for a canning line). In short, Small Business Bonds work like a fixed term loan with interest rates between 4-9%. Instead of the capital for the loan coming from a bank, we work with you to market your public bond offering to the community and your customers. Then when we raise the capital from the community, you pay back those same folks you borrowed from monthly principal plus interest. No giving away equity, no complex bank requirements, simple and fast with value added marketing and engagement long term.

    Basically it's a way for folks to invest in their local community and get paid back monthly. If you want more info let me know. Again just trying to share a resource per request that may be valuable to folks here. If you'd like to connect let me know (I'm new here so not sure what the status quo is).