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  • Cask ale questions

    I'm looking to do several cask ales for various brewers events and have never done them before. Any tips or tricks for carbonation or what hops seems to work better than others? Anything helps.

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    Whenever I've done cask ales in the past, I've filled a clean/sanitized firkin with cold, clear beer before I filter it. While it's filling, I would collect and dump 1-2 pints of high krausen beer from another FV into the cask (never paid much attention to style differences so long as yeast is the same, adding the second pint if the fermentation was tapering off). Then I would hammer in the bung, and leave on the cellar floor for 3-4 days before putting in the cooler for at least two weeks. Before filling is when I would dose with hop pellets (or any other type of ingredient you want) in a very fine mesh bag. This always provided carbonated, particulate free beer when served from the engine. I would pound in the hard spile and dose with isinglass the night before to give it a chance to settle in the dedicated "cooler", although I know other brewers add the isinglass at the time of filling with comparable results. I always used a breather because I'd rather not serve oxidized beer if the cask takes more than a day or two to serve.

    Peter Landman | Brewmaster | Seabright Brewery | Santa Cruz, CA