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Bar design advice (bar top, back bar, etc.)

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  • Bar design advice (bar top, back bar, etc.)

    Hello! I can't seem to find a relevant thread here (please direct me to one if there's a discussion on this already... I'm sure there is).

    We are breaking ground now, and we want advice on the our intended bar design. The Click image for larger version

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    We have a big slabs of wood that will be the customer bar top. 25" wide with live edge, 42" high. Looks pretty cool. We want to have a back bar that is wide to allow for things like racks of glasses to be placed on it, slightly out of sight. Below the back bar, we want to have a lot of storage since the tasting room side of things has almost no storage and we can use this for swag storage or whatever else we need.


    42" high bar top
    25" wide bar (customer bar)
    30.75" back bar height
    22.5" wide back bar

    so, total bar depth is almost 41"

    Is that too much? Concerned that smaller beertenders won't be able to reach glasses on the far edge.

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    Hello, A Couple Thoughts

    A Hello, A Couple Thoughts Couple Thoughts. You might want to add !!!!

    1) Figure the bar back size to fit a normal size kegarator, 6 to 8 ft long, in case later you want on add one later or a glass chiller.

    2) Figure adding a 120 ac power line, and CO2 line or leave room for one..

    3) Figure adding led lites under the customer counter with a dimmer to adjust lite to fit .. & on your side too. Both need to be separate dimmers...

    4) Figure adding Electric GIF outlets under counter, for misc. Items, needed.. POS center , or other needs..

    5) Figure adding under counter customer hooks for ladies purses or hats ..

    6) Think about a customer foot rail in front under customer bar.

    Stockton Ca.


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      What I suggest is building the customer bar top as you prefer - we built ours with a 14" overhand on the customer side and 10" overhanging the bar side sitting on the 2x4 framed bar - without any built in shelf/top on the barside. For storage we use wire metro racks because they are modular and more importantly - moveable. You even make plastic tops for them so that the top shelf is a solid surface. No matter how much I think through the bar design, every time I've thankful for the ability to move stuff once we're open.