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A sad goodbye to Michael Jackson

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  • A sad goodbye to Michael Jackson

    Just heard this this morning:

    Top beer expert Michael Jackson died this morning.

    Jackson dedicated more than three decades to the pursuit and documentation of the world’s finest beers, and wrote many books on the subject.

    He became known as the most widely-published and influential author on beer. He developed a cult television series known as “The Beer Hunter”, and contributed articles to countless magazines and newspapers.

    Jackson was especially well-known for his particular passion for the specialty brews of Belgium, and his bestseller The Great Beers of Belgium.

    Morning Advertiser beer writer Roger Protz said: “I’m in Germany at a beer conference and when I announced he was dead people were totally shocked - he was just so well-known.

    “He was the best - and always will be the best. His knowledge of beer is unsurpassed. His genius was to to be able to write simply and beautifully about beer.

    “He was a very private person but I enjoyed his company - he always had a really amusing story to tell about his travels.”

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    He was indeed a lovely man. I shall miss his style and concisely elegant insights into the beers we love.

    Those of us fortunate enough to have met the man will not soon forget it.


    Liam McKenna


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      I got to meet him and drive him around Louisville, KY in Nov. 1994. As he exited the jetway at the airport I noticed a funny looking "brief case" in his hand. It was a portable type writter! Even I had a notebook/laptop in those days. Michael prefered typing, what a character. He will be missed by the beer community.
      Cheers & I'm out!
      David R. Pierce
      NABC & Bank Street Brewhouse
      POB 343
      New Albany, IN 47151


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        "there is no beer in heaven, so we must drink it here."

        We can all rest assured that there is now, most definitely, beer in heaven if Michael has anything to say about it (and I bet he does)!

        Glacier Brewing Company

        "who said what now?"


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          He was justifiably a legend, and his writing was the next best thing to actually drinking!

          Cheers to you, Michael Jackson!



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            I met him in 1998 when I won the best-of-show at the Rose Festival Homebrew Competition. He was a judge at the event. I had dinner with him that night. He recited the recipe for the winning beer back to me. I was speechless. He was a interesting man and I kept him out talking as long as he would tolerate me.

            A couple years later he was in town to promote his newest book. He was at Steinbart company and I had a tip that I could see him there if I came out. He remembered me and welcomed me by name. He gave me one of the books and signed it; "To a Fearless Brewer". We talked again for quite a while and I told him I wanted to build a brewery. He told me that everyone would try to talk me out of it. He also told me not to listen to them.

            A truly unique person and someone who inspired me. One of the reasons I am where I am is Michael Jackson. I only wish I could have welcomed him to my brewery and shared one more pint with him. I miss him already.

            Drink more beer,

            Ken Johnson
            Fearless Brewing Company