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Best way to dissolv dextrose in fermentor to avoid oxidisation and moving any ...

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  • Best way to dissolv dextrose in fermentor to avoid oxidisation and moving any ...

    Hi all,
    We are still bottle conditioning our beers. Process is the following:

    Primary fermentation in conic¡al fermentors. Cold crash for two days (@ 1 degree Celsius) once primary fermentation is complete. (during cold crash removing yeast cake from bottom every day).

    Then on the day of bottling, mix in the the dextrose with some beer so its a nice liquid, pour in and gently stir. Then start bottling directly from fermentor.

    Is this the best way to mix the dextrose in? Should it be done in small amounts at at time, then stir between each small added until all dextrose is in? Any comments most appreciated to achieve the best and easiest possible way to mix in dextrose.


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    Bumping this up cause I’m interested in this as well.


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      Not sure if this is practical for your system but when we bottle 12-15bbl batches we rack off the cake into a bbt. And mix the dextrose with about 10 gallons of boiling R.O. water in a sanitized cellar keg then slowly pump it in through the racking arm. We then do a gentle pump recirculation for about 5 minutes to assure a good mix. We then start filling bottles from the racking arm.
      Using boiling water will sterilize the dextrose, and at least on my system doesn't even raise the temp by one degree.
      As far as oxidation goes, don't worry about a small amount of oxygen as it will be consumed by the yeast in the bottles.
      I would also recommend bottling with the beer at close to ambient temps so your yeast is more active and ready to start feeding.
      Hope this helps.