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Judge my Floor-plan (and my character)

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  • Judge my Floor-plan (and my character)

    Here's the skinny:

    Opening a 3BBL nano brewery (with a 6BBL cellar, set up to double brew) and trying to work out my game plan for the floor plan. I've found that while location hunting, its been hard to articulate clearly what locations strike me and what others don't, so I think it'll be better to walk in with my ideal set-up in mind right? I plan to do everything I can to maximize taproom sales first, and sell whatever is left wholesale. I can self distribute up to a certain amount in my state and I live in a town that is picking up some tourist activity, so I'm confident in my ability to get a tap-room rolling.
    Along those lines, what do you all see as far as beers consumed per seat per hour of taproom operation? I have my estimates set at around 1.5, assuming the seat has a butt in it.

    Do you all see any crucial details I'm leaving out? (This is based off of other tap rooms ive enjoyed seeing, but improved some. )

    Click image for larger version

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    How many taps do you wish to maintain after a year? Looks like your cold storage will be too small.


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      I like the layout, it looks like it would flow well. You need to work on the walking areas. 3 feet is not enough room for walking. To maximize taproom sales you need table service.

      For tables, axe the picnic table idea. We did that at first too. People run into them and bruise their legs, they are hard to sit in/get out for 1/2 your customers, and drinks spill easily. They also aren't very versatile tables.

      I'm also confused on the bathroom layout. Is this unisex? ADA bathroom isn't large enough.


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        I like the overall layout. Agreed that you'll need more cold storage - even if you're going with serving tanks (which you should for a brewpub/taproom model) they're going to be roughly 3 ft diameter, meaning you could put maybe seven in there with no additional storage for kegs. Even doing all kegs, that's ~35 bbl triple-stacked two deep. The flip side of that is that you have roughly double the area you need blocked out for the FVs.

        If you're doing food service to the public the kitchen space doesn't seem nearly large enough. You'll need ~10 sq ft just for your required sinks, for example. With the separate toilet rooms you also have to have that hand sink in the hallway immediately outside. You'll most likely also be required to have a mop/floor sink, and you'll want a utility closet regardless. And probably more dry storage than just under the bar for cleaning supplies, glassware/merchandise, soft drinks, etc.
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