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Brewery Insurance woes

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  • Brewery Insurance woes

    Can I poll the nano brewers here for their insurance providers?

    I've been told by most of the major insurance companies that they don't insure beer manufacture (only distribution, wholesale sales, liquor stores, or drinking establishments)... as soon as my agent checks the box stating "bottling" I get a no bid.

    The few companies that advertise experience with the craft beer industry offer no bid because I'm a new business start-up.
    I can't sign my lease without the appropriate liability and property coverage.
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    Not a nano, but a start-up...

    Our agent went through Cincinnati Insurance.

    They were one of two out of every company she reached out to, that would provide insurance to a start-up. I don't recall the name of the other company, but it was significantly more expensive, so we went with Cincinatti. Best of luck!


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      We are a two Barrel Brewery. Our agent also went through Cincinnati. They seem significantly less expensive than most of the advertised specialty "Brewery Insurance" companies. Those companies would not take us on anyway. Local insurance agent seems the best way to go.


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        Hey guys, thanks for the replies!

        Friends at a local brewery also gave me their local agent to contact.

        While I was waiting for any response to my inquiries, my own agent finally got a couple positive bids... one at a decent price and the other at a great price.
        --For future reference, if anyone has the same issue... decent quote was through Evanston Insurance, the great price though Atlantic Casualty Insurance.

        Lease signed, keys in hand, let this roller coaster begin!


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