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Brewery Startup in Killeen, TX (outside of Fort Hood)

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    Just got home from work, need to digest this... In the meantime, counting on military as customers. They walk off base and go drink? Maybe, I dunno. I'm not much familiar with military.
    Totally agree on new equipment. Would try to steer you away from Chinese except for ABE. I can send 15bbl quotes from them. They'll be a bit old, but pretty accurate.
    How much space in "your" side?
    You consider floor slope and drainage?
    Town sewer authority ok with this?
    $750K is humping for a tap room. I'm skeptical. In Killeen Texas. But I've also never been there. And you're brewery #7?? I would be visiting the othersfrequently. Off hours and on. Ask questions. Anyone else breaking $500K?
    Who is brewing the beer? You need equipment advice and configuration from him/her, not the manufacturer. Figure out what you need to brew the styles you want, then seek the quote.

    Answer these... More later... I will look at my COGS sheets



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      I've been in the military since 2001. If there is one thing a young joe knows how to do, its drink. Yes, they will walk off base to go drink. I've done it when I was a young jarhead. Its not like it's out in the woods, it's smack in the middle of a bunch of cities. Like a 30 minute stumble or a 5 minute uber ride. This factor is a no brainer.

      I have probably over a dozen quotes from various manufacturers and various size configurations depending on what I end up settling on.

      As far as my "side" we're looking at close to 3000 sq ft, but that doesn't include grain storage and milling area. That will be on the supply side. I have the taproom, brewhouse, and seating area. I'll attach a pdf of my drawing if you want to take a gander.

      I have considered the draining. Trying to find the right contractors to do it. All the ones around here have no idea what I'm talking about when I ask about brewery requirements. Yes the city is cool with it. I talk to them several times a week about this project. They are on board.

      I honestly can't recall where that 750k number is coming from. I've adjusted my spreadsheets quite significantly since that first post and that's not on any of my current sheets. Now, I never said we were going to be brewery #7. We will be brewery #1 in about a 30 minute (drive) radius. The next closest one has a fair chance of getting shut down by their city for not keeping up with the 51% sales of food, which leaves the next closest almost 40 minutes from me. But that's still an hour or more of a drive depending on what side of the area you're coming from. The other ones I mentioned, they are in Waco. Since you aren't familiar with the area obviously, that's about 90 minutes from Killeen depending on traffic, and upwards of two hours from the far side. Same thing if you're trying to go down to Austin in the other direction. Bro, nobody is making a 2 hour drive on the regular to get some craft beer. I'm not worried about competition as long as I'm serving good product.

      I've been working on my project silently for over a year. Talking to people. Making connections. Getting in on brew days. Comparing numbers and taking reality checks. I may be a newb at this game, but I'm by no means an idiot. I've been doing my homework. I'll be overseeing operations but I have a head brewer already coming to me that's been working in that capacity up in Colorado. I'm likely going to poach one or two from the brewery that might shut down as well. Have some faith. I know I do.


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        More thoughts... Cost per barrel is way high for yeast, malt, hops and water. 3000' may not be big enough to do $725K per year. Whats the occupancy? Co2 is prolly way low at $1800 a year. you need a bulk tank for production brewing, rent it.
        You really need my 5 year projection spreadsheet financial calculator model. email me at jon.wwpc@gmail its easier to write for me because i cant see the info page when im replying on this site.