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Beer Dinners; Cost and legality

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  • Beer Dinners; Cost and legality

    Im researching doing a beer dinner here. The road blocks Ive come accross are the following. If anyone has answers/ideas on how to overcome these I would very grateful.

    1) Legality. I know they are legal since everyone else does them, but I cant say to my boss "Well everyone else is doing it."

    I cant find anything online via sites about law, our state, etc. that give any reference to sample size, amount that can be served, etc. Is the simple fact that there isnt anything posted good enough to do whatever I want? Any ideas on where else to look?

    2) Price. I know what I want to charge but some places have different taxes on beer vs. food. If I have an all inclusive price of $xx dollars I must be sure the right proportions go to the proper areas, i.e. food tax and beer tax. My computer system can add a secondary tax but I dont want to mislead my guests. Is it easier to just make the dinner $xx plus tax or round the price to $Y and say its all inclusive?

    Thanks again.
    "Uncle" Frank
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