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Name of brewery similar to the name of a beer.

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  • Name of brewery similar to the name of a beer.

    my farm is on Dark Hollow Road, hence we call it Dark Hollow Farm. The name is not registered anyhow though.
    I'm home-brewing on the farm, and call my small brewery as Dark Hollow Spring Brewing (the farm has a spring). I want to start the process of getting a license, and I noticed that there is a beer called Dark Hollow Artisanal Ale by Blue Mountain Brewery.
    Should I reconsider my name or that would be ok since I'm using it as the name of a brewery, not a beer?

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    If you have already noticed another beer name that is identical to your brewery's name, you could do yourself a favor and go back to the drawing board.

    If you want, you could also reach out to the other brewery to see if they would be ok with coexisting (they may say no, and watch you closer).

    Also, they have a trademark registration - With that in mind, I'd almost certainly recommend picking another name.
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