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    Hi All,

    Looking for some input on Brewery name searches. I've done a google search, and a Brewer's Assoc. search. I suspect I need to do a more comprehensive search. Suggestions?

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    The only search that you need to do is USPTO search.

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      Thanks for the suggestion. On the USPTO website I did a TESS search and found no matches, which I thought was good, until I searched a few brewery names I know to exist, and found no matches there either. I then searched bigger brewery names and sure enough, matches. Does this mean that the smaller, less famous breweries haven't applied for a trademark?


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        Databases to search

        Originally posted by Thirsty_Monk View Post
        The only search that you need to do is USPTO search.
        I am a trademark attorney, and I strongly disagree. If you only look at the USPTO's database, you won't be aware of unregistered third party use of similar marks. I would recommend at least looking at:
        1. TTB's public COLA registry
        2. Beer enthusiast websites (Untappd, Beeradvocate, Ratebeer)
        3. USPTO's TESS - using expanders, searching classes 32, 33, 43. Beer/wine/spirits/restaurants (and even other goods/services) have been deemed similar enough to beer to create a likelihood of confusion for similar marks.

        Also, check Google to see if there have been any trademark disputes over the mark, as well as the TTAB's database for the same reason.

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