Hi Everyone. Quick introduction - My name is Rob Pratt. My wife and I are currently working on opening our very small brewery together. We are in Illinois and we are a bit unconventional. We are not doing a tap room. We are local pickup and distribution only, all within state lines.

I'm working on filling out some of the forms for licensing and I'm looking for a little guidance...

Here's what we've done so far...

- We've formed the LLC.
- We're registered with the IRS so we have our FEIN.
- We're registered with the state for sales taxes.
- We've applied for our local village liquor license and should be getting that next week.
- Currently awaiting approval from TTB for brewers notice.
- Currently filling out Class 1 Brewer application for state of IL

Here's where I need some clarification...
1. Is the state liquor license included in that Class 1 brewer permit or is the state liquor license something separate?
2. Because we are doing to go beer only, do we need to fill out and apply for the Retail Liquor License?

Thanks in advance! Tried to put this post in the appropriate place. I know it's not related to the TTB but this was the closest spot I could find to put it.