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  • TTB Processing Times

    TTB's processing times have slowed quite a bit after the shutdown. In the past, after a shutdown, I saw batch approvals (especially for COLAs). That does not appear to be the case now.

    Here is a list of TTB's posted processing times
    • For malt beverage labels, 49 days
    • For formulas, 38 days
    • For COLA/FONL access requests, 40 days
    • For brewer's notices, 86 days

    If you have a particularly egregious need for an approval, you may be able to request accelerated review of your Label/Formula. You’ll need to demonstrate economic harm caused by delay to have it granted, though.

    Hang in there. I expect they are doing everything they can to reign in the wait times, but it's going to be a couple weeks before things get anywhere close to normal again.
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