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Problems with PermitsOnline? ANSWER!

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  • Problems with PermitsOnline? ANSWER!

    Good day ladies and gents. I don't know about any of you, but ever since the big "upgrade" last July for PermitsOnline, I had had nothing but problems. Pages didn't display correctly, buttons would lock the screen and it would not move forward, etc., etc. I tried browser after browser, ran updates, tried my iPad and iPhone, and finally had some success on my home Mac, but still couldn't do anything from work, where I really needed to.
    Perhaps I'm just unusually thick, but if you happen to have had any of these problems, I'm sure you've also checked these forums to no avail, so I figured I'd just go ahead and post the solution here to save anyone the troubles I had.

    if you type into your browser, all of this chaos ensues.
    if you type into your browser... everything works.

    I hope this helps even one person avoid the head-bashing frustration I had.


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    I can confirm. I had this same issue for a bit, and realized that somehow the verison worked perfected.
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