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COLA Approval for 32 oz Crowler Can Label for To Go Sales

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  • COLA Approval for 32 oz Crowler Can Label for To Go Sales

    My state, NJ, requires us to get TTB COLA for everything before we can register it with them. I submitted the attached label for our 32 oz crowler can for to go sales.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	NeckWoodsBrewing_32ozLabel.jpg
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    I received the following comments from the TTB


    The brand label must include the brand name, class and type designation, name and address statement, and the net contents statement in US measure. 27 CFR 7.22

    A class and type such as; "Beer," "Ale," etc. must appear on your brand label. 27 CFR 7.24

    Because the finished product contains alcohol derived from nonbeverage flavors, a statement of alcohol content is required to appear on any label as: Alc. ____% by Vol. or ___% Alc/Vol. 27 CFFR7.22(a)(5)

    Additional Clarification:
    May not leave blank, state a value, note see allowable revisions, alcohol content is one of them.

    Can anyone please provide any advice on what I'm missing here as I don't understand any of their reasons. The label states all 3 of those items except ABV which is variable depending on the beer its filled with.

    Thank you,
    Neck of the Woods Brewing

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    Not in NJ,

    But for the TTB on kegs, you have to fill in the ABV, and name of every beer you're submitting and send in each one individually. So you'd need to write in the values for every beer you make and submit each one separately.


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      The TTB is saying your design doesn’t have any beer names or beer specs on it.
      It looks like you are planning to hand write in the beer names, abv, etc on the labels at the time the crowler is filled. Is so, you must submit a separate COLA for each beer you will be using this label for. I designed my keg collar so it listed all of my products and keg sizes so I could just print one design and then check the appropriate boxes for whatever keg it is put on. I submitted a COLA for each beer name and keg size with the names handwritten on the collars in the application. Time consuming but it must be done.

      Glacier Brewing Company

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