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    It's been 109 days since I completed my TTB application. a few days ago permits online said "triage complete" which sounds to me like they took 100 days just to look at it. I wont whine any longer as it seems everyones experience is different but my question is: Was anyone able to contact their actual TTB specialist working the case? I called TTB and they could only tell me "triage complete" and for me to wait a few weeks. I asked if i can have the contact information for the lady working my case and they wouldn't give it to me. ABC made their inspection and are ready to give me the license but said i have 30 days to produce beer. I'm starting to doubt that i'll have my approval anywhere close to 30 days from next week when ABC releases my permit. I said I wont whine but i guess i did, sorry.

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    Took about 120 days from submission to get our first response. Then 40 more days for a second response to the updates docs. After the first response were we able to talk to the person working on our application. We just got approved, 170 days in total.