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Utah Craft Distillery Is Now Looking For Distributors Worldwide.

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  • Utah Craft Distillery Is Now Looking For Distributors Worldwide.

    Located in the famed mountains of Park City, Utah, Alpine Distilling is an award-winning craft distillery that produces premium spirits using quality grains, natural flavors and sourced botanical. Inspired by Park City’s natural environment and its outdoor-oriented lifestyle, Alpine Distilling’s spirits are crafted in a manner that reflects our community’s values while striving to respect classic distilling principles and our Kentucky heritage.

    As a socially conscious brand, we craft our products in a manner that reflects our community’s values while incorporating classic distilling principles and our Kentucky heritage. Our delicious, distinctive flavors have won prestigious awards and are praised by the world’s most renowned chefs, mixologists, sommeliers and critics.

    Seeking to take his ancestors’ affinity for moonshining to the next level, Rob Sergent founded Alpine Distilling in Park City, Utah. The First Sergent to distill professionally, he strives to pay homage to the flavorful European spirits he enjoyed while living for many years in Great Britain and Germany. The culinary education he received in Louisiana has given him the skills to create an unrivaled complexity of flavor and aromas in Alpine’s products.

    Lafayette Spiced Bourbon Whiskey
    This is my Great-Granny Babe is taken on our family farm in Kentucky. There are only two pictures of her, this one and another on the same porch smoking from a hand-made, corn cob pipe. We grew hemp for the government and I’m not ready to explain that dynamic to my boys so I share this picture. I’ve also been told she would take the ripe stone-fruit grown on the farm and place them in moonshine for flavoring. Stone-fruit can reach over 8% sugar when ripe and I thought about her when crafting the formula for our Gold Medal winning Lafayette Spiced Bourbon Whiskey, which is technically a liqueur. My wife also complained that whiskey was “too harsh” for her and short of traveling back to New Orleans, where we got married to get a Sazerac, I knew that I could impart delicious flavors that would provide her a whiskey to drink straight, in an Alpine Mule or Toddy, or in a Stone Fruit Tea.

    Using the classic Kentucky Bourbon mashbill of 75% corn, 21% rye and 4% cut to 80 proof, we add Apricot, Primrose and Cinnamon for the Lafayette spice profile. A culinary principle is to find opposing flavors in order to find taste balance – sweet & sour for example. The key is working with the six tastes and balancing aromatic notes for a special, delicious spirit. In 1,000 gallons of product we use less than 1lb of cinnamon, but it’s enough to contrast the sweetness of the Apricot and provides a depth that apt bartenders are using to craft incredibly delicious cocktails. The Primrose exists almost purely as an aromatic note, no noticeable taste influence, but the bouquet explodes with this addition which delights the senses with every pour.

    SIP Awards: Gold-Medal

    Preserve Liqueur
    Our first and most decorated spirit, Preserve Liqueur is a black tea, blood orange & ginger all-natural liqueur inspired by watching the sun set over the Swaner Nature Preserve & EcoCenter. Turning those colors into flavors opened the door to the possibility of crafting innovative flavored spirits that respect tradition yet provide complex and delicious drink opportunities. Preserve is a 100% corn spirit that is certified Kosher and 20% alcohol by volume. Secret tip: our state flower, the Sego Lily, is the bottle shape – look at the bottle from the bottom up.

    As a college student in Munich, Germany I spent much of my down time at English Garden and Garmisch, enjoying the outdoors, friends and regional cordials. Park City provides many similar environments – outdoor space, trails, beautiful mountain vistas and world-class skiing. This is a place where memories are made, friendships are deepened and the body refreshes in the simple pleasure of being outdoors. Preserve is the perfect spirit to seal those experiences.

    SIP Awards: Platinum Medal
    Wine Luxe – Top Ten; Hong Kong Wine & Spirits Expo

    Summit Gin
    It was in London that I first tasted Gin and learned the fascinating and important significance of this spirit of the British culture. Crafting a Gin that is both modern and respectful of traditions has been a delicious and fun challenge and I’m excited about the response that Summit Gin is receiving from both seasoned drinkers and younger, new to the scene enthusiasts.

    Many of the choices in how to make Gin, come from still design. There are great Gins that are compounded with oils, uniquely crafted in Carter stills, Coffey stills or exclusively shaped using botanical baskets. We use a Bain Marie still (indirect heat) and follow an old tradition of multi-day soaking our botanical's at various alcohol concentrations to pull desired oils into balance. As much fun as it is making Preserve, dumping barrels or blending our Spur – the energy and scents that fill the distillery on the run of this Gin is special.

    Spur Whiskey
    This is my great, great Grandfather Daniel Farmer. He was a lawyer in Harlan, Kentucky in the 1800’s which meant, I’m guessing, that he had to travel for work to meet with clients throughout Appalachia. Can you imagine how bad some of the spirits he was offered? These were the kind of spirits that would take rust off Oldsmobiles. If he could have counted on having our Spur blended whiskey – a blend of two Gold-medal winners, I’m sure he would have been happier.

    The Spur blended whiskey started life as a casual conversation between old friends Cortney, Fabio and Dr. Hofmann – owners of the Spur Bar & Grill on Main Street, Park City. We were comparing the responsibility of being a Kentuckian making whiskey to being innovative bar owners on a classic Main Street setting. Reviewing taste profiles, we each discussed what we liked in our Traveler’s Rest Single Malt and in our Bourbon. It quickly became apparent that if we could find the right balance and bring forward the best in our two base whiskies something magical and delicious could happen. Our French Oak aged single malt has a wonderful banana, mocha note finish with a vanilla spice; our Bourbon brings the corn sweetness and American Oak brown flavors with very subtle rye spice. Together, this blended whisky can be compared to a Porsche GT3 RS with cruise control or a Ford Raptor with heated/cooled seats. If you want it, it’s there.

    Crafting a spirit that excels as both a sipping whiskey and in complex cocktails is challenging. We’re confident that Alpine Spur Blended Whiskey will find a place in your whiskey canon.

    Banjo Bandolas
    v- 541-284-5500