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  • Broker or Distributor Northern California

    anyone know of a good Broker or Distributor for the northern California area?

    Laughing Dog

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    NorCal Distributors

    Only Wine Warehouse covers the whole state, or all NorCal. Otherwise it's piecemeal with distributors like: Angell, Bay Area, Craft Brewers, DelReka, Humboldt, Mesa, Morris, Nor Cal Beverage, North Coast Mercantile, Pacini, Saccani and a few others.


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      Northern California Dist

      I'll bet Tom McCormick could give you some info on that. I'll ask him to log on with some info.
      Banjo Bandolas
      v- 541-284-5500


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        Logan is right – Wine Warehouse is the only state-wide distributor. The only other option is to set up a broad network of distributors. Although there are others, Logan has mentioned most who would handle a craft brand.

        Setting up distribution in California is very difficult; as it is in most states, but California is one of the most difficult. Due to consolidation, there are very few distributors to choose from and distributors are very, very choosy about brands that they decide to carry.

        A broker can help you with the process of setting up a network and provide you with sales support once you have distribution. One broker I would highly recommend is Therese Burch of Premium Beverage Alliance. Her contact info is:
        cell: 916-768-7598
        office/fax: 916-726-3736

        The complexities of opening up distribution is far more than I can go into here. If you haven’t already done so, read some of the articles in the distribution section of the Library here at ProBrewer. Also, I’d be happy to talk to you on the phone to answer your questions. Feel free to email me directly at and we can set up a time to chat.

        Good luck!