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    Due to serious illness, the import company I've been representing in California has terminated all employees. Therefore I'm available for hire.

    My job included working with distributors and retail outlets to increase sales of European imports throughout California. I've established a database of approx. 500 key clients; communicated via visits, email, newsletters, and phone calls. From Dec. 2006 to Dec. 2007 sales expanded from $97,882 for the year to $353,724 thru our main distributor. Additionally, by securing two new distributors, further product and market expansion occurred.
    Through personal visits, calls, email and mailed catalogs and newsletters, I'm pretty well known to retailers and others throughout California (and elsewhere!). Additionally, I'm known by many thru Ratebeer, Beeradvocate, appearances on two episodes of Three Sheets, and as one of three finalists for the 2007 national Beer Drinker of the Year contest.

    Beer resume:

    Before selling beer I set up summer inventor camps for elementary school children in numerous states, from Utah to northern Florida. In my final year with Camp Invention I ran 56 camps with 54 directors and hundreds of teachers in six states. Of 50 regional coordinators nationwide, I had the largest territory. I'm very good at multi-tasking and exceeding corporate goals. Here's a job history summary:
    - 20 years of customer service and positive relationship building.
    - 15 years of sales experience in retail and outside (B2B) sales,
    - 10 years of management experience (retail and non-profit),
    - 10 years of training experience,
    - 7 years of documented double digit sales increases,
    - 6 years of dynamic presentation skills,
    - 5 years of merchandising and marketing experience,
    - 4 years of multi-state business travel sales and management, from Florida to Utah.
    - Ability to multi-task, set priorities, manage time, establish long-lasting business relationships, and exceed corporate goals.

    I know the key distributors, on and off premise retailers, media contacts, and other beer promoters throughout California (and elsewhere). Had I continued with D&V Int'l, I had a comprehensive marketing plan for 2008 to advance sales expansion. I can now transfer my plans to another supplier. Additionally, you'll probably also be getting the services of my partner, Colleen, currently working with a beer distributor in SoCal. People remember us when we call on accounts!

    I can relocate and handle any size territory. I prefer craft or high end beers to represent. Please refer me to any great brewery/importer/distributor. Thanks in advance.

    Logan Perkins
    Oceanside, CA
    303 330-9739