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New Limited Opportunity for Dealer - Superior Quality Brewing Equipment

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  • New Limited Opportunity for Dealer - Superior Quality Brewing Equipment

    Cedarstone Industry, just opened the new office in Houston, TX. We are looking for dealer to expand the US and worldwide market for our brewing equipment. We has been providing superior quality product to Heineken, Budweiser, Coca Cola, GE Pharmaceutic, OEM manufacturing for some industry giant, and long list of other commercial brewery over the last twenty years.

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    Our brewhouse have been built in accordance to ASME U code, with ASME stamp. The brewhouse are 100% 304 Stainless steel per ASME stainless steel composition All plate welding are inert gas protected TIG welding to ensure no leakage over life long usage. All pipe / tubing are joined together by automatic orbital welding. The heating and cooling jacket is pillow plate manufactured by world class laser welding. All valve, fitting and sanitary pump are 3A certified.

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    Laser Welded Pillow Plate

    For vessels like Mash Tun / Fermenting Tank which need to be heated or cooled, there are several types of heat transfer method applied to sidewall or bottom. The heat transfer jacket needs to be ASME certified, especially for steam service over 15 psi.
    The laser welded dimple jacket is a sheet of metal which has a uniform array of depressions or dimples pressed into the metal by the latest laser welding technology, and then inflated to form flow pass. We develop its own in-house world class laser welding machine and apply this technology in manufacturing the Pillow Plate.

    Compared to traditional heat transfer jacket, the laser-welded Pillow Plate has the following significant advantage :
    • Turbulent flow in the flow media
    • Extreme high heat transfer coefficient
    • Minimum metal heat deformation and heat stress.

    Main Features of the Brewhouse System
    • Strictly follow and certified by ASME Standard for mechanical design & fabrication; Electrical part with UL Certificate
    • 100% TIG welding protected by shield gas to guarantee longevity
    • World class laser welded Pillow Plate (jacket) on bottom and side of vessel.
    • Turbulent flow pattern enables uniform heat transfer into the Mash, allowing more energy dissipated thus more efficient energy transfer.
    • PLC Auto Control System, with HMI visualized operation; Brewing recipe can be created, and edited anytime via HMI
    • Remotely control & operate the brewing equipment through Apple or Android mobile phone
    • Solenoid Valves, automatic temperature and time control during mashing and wort boiling
    • Frequency controlled Agitator/Raking Machine; Speed and time can be set for each batch
    • Completely sanitary design of brewing system including Vessels, Components and Piping
    • Lauter Pipe to easily control Lautering Process
    • Sight Glass Flow Indicator to check and control wort speed and quality during lautering
    • Sanitary Diaphragm Valve positioned before & after sanitary pump to control lautering process
    • Optimum design of static water mixture and flow meter to control temperature and the flow of sparging Water
    • Wort shield to disperse Wort Inner Vessel during wort boiling; Maximize the removal of DMS; Improve the quality of wort
    • Atomizer inner Chimney of WOK for Vapor condensation and water saving
    • Special designed Wort Aerator to achieve uniformity of Aerating
    • Modularization design of the Brew System, Compact frame module Including platform; Easy operation and space saving
    • Complete Pre-piping and Integrated central pump & PHE System
    • Two section of Wort Cooler with ASME Certificate and Tri-Clamp Connections

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    Cedarstone Industry is a leading manufacturer of stainless-steel process equipment for the food and beverage, biotech, pharmaceutical, and other industries. We offer a wide range of products, including mixing tanks, brewing tanks, extraction systems, and more. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services.
    Cedarstone Industry
    7432 Fairbanks N Houston Rd
    Houston, TX 77040
    Tel. 281-397-3700 ext. 1