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How demanding can you be of retail stores?

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  • How demanding can you be of retail stores?

    Hey everyone - happy new year!

    So in planning my own brewery, I have run across quite a few breweries, who have set up demands of their retailers, whether that be a restaurant, bar, liquor store, craft beer store etc.
    Demands such as the frequency of line cleaning, cold storage, sell by dates and so on.

    Now, as I live in Europe, our bar scene is very different, in the sense that breweries rarely come to a bar and clean lines for the bar (a concept which is really strange to begin with) for example, but we also have some issues with cold storage of beer. Only the hard core craft beer stores even cold store beer, and supermarkets only cold store beer from the macro guys, because they give them the branded fridges.

    So my question to all of you is, how far have you gone, in terms of demands and expectations to people who you will sell to?
    Do you require that your beer is cold stored at all times, do you insist on sell by dates (other than the best before dates on the package) etc?

    And how do you balance the requirements you set for your product, with actually needing to sell your product in the first place? Making demands shrink your potential reach, because only X amount of stores can comply with certain demands. However, you also have your own professional integrity and reputation on the line, so demands seem wise.

    What has been your experience?

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    Just be a Bulldog.. Buy a cleaning pot and go in and clean lines when you deliver. or Have schedule to do so if you have to go through a distributor
    As of storing your beer always go with smaller keg sizes and case amounts. I had the great opportunity to roll-out a very popular beer in our state
    and would go in and tear out old draught lines, and clean the them on a 2 week cycle. My current brewery the the lines are cleaned after every keg is emptied. We,, for now just keg in 1/4bbl.



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      Demand planning tells you how much inventory you can expect to sell, down to the regional level. Demand planning helps identify potential expansions to your product line or supply, as well as potential threats to your sales. Demand Planning Modeling Supply and Demand Predictive Analytics 59.