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Distributors refuse to carry a new beer/product

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  • Distributors refuse to carry a new beer/product

    Can anyone tell me if you have had problems with your distributor not wanting to carry certain products? For example limited editions, one offs that are typically small volume and may never be manufactured again.

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    Some of our distributors have stopped taking on new micros all together. Shelf space is getting at a premium and it is tough to sell the off premise accounts on some of these low volume runs. They would rather have some names that they know will sell. Now that being said if a big name brewery comes in that they have had good results with they will purchase as some accounts will buy it based on the brewery name alone.
    Mike Eme


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      Thanks for the info beerguy1!

      This article is interesting and I am curious what distributors think about this:

      So I am interested in the feasibility of this tactic of selling keg only packaged product. The Smuttynose is marketing limited editions before they are available (keg only), first come first serve accounts get dibs. From what I read this has been a initial success for them. Accounts seem love having exclusive access to beers that every few establishments will have. I am curious what this means for the distributor managing the accounts? I would imagine since they beer is already "sold" (spoken for rather) then the distributor would be ok taking on this new product ear marked for specific account? I guess I am more curious for a distributor's perspective then the brewery's.

      I have spoken to some in the industry. Some say it is great since it is already spoken for. However, others say it is labor-some having to input and manage all these new/limited edition products. Would this keep your distributor from buying such products perhaps?
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        same experience

        I have seen many of my customers go through this aswell.

        they have mentioned to me how it works is that you go see them in a good time, possibly morning and you give them your sales pitch. some have even offered a free order so they can test it out.

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          In a lot of cases, getting a limited amount of a beer that is highly sought after, causes more problems than it is worth for the distributor. They have to allocate it to spread it out to their best customers, who feel they got shorted, and then other customers who didn't get any at all are angry.
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            Jimmy why are all of your posts nothing but a reiteration of the posts above them? Are you a bot?


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              Originally posted by BeerBred View Post
              Jimmy why are all of your posts nothing but a reiteration of the posts above them? Are you a bot?
              typos and all