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    If any one can help I'm looking at trying the shoes for crews guardian IV was wondering how the sizing is on them from those of you what have wore them


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      I use them and they are pretty good on sizing. I usually where a size 12 shoe and use a 12 with inserts and they fit well. A little loose without inserts but i wouldnt recommend going smaller. They may fit well a size down but youre way better off with the added comfort of inserts.


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        I'm a big believer in Red Wings for everything from shoes, to sandals, to boots. I've had my current pair of boots for 5 months, and aside from a little discoloration (slight darkening where they regularly get wet with chemicals), they are in near-brand-new condition.

        Waterproof 6 inch boot with electrical hazard and non-metallic safety toe protection ideal for almost any light manufacturing, transportation or general utility job. Shop Now At Red Wing Shoes.

        They aren't cheap, but they are worth it. They have excellent support, are fully water- and chemical-proof, heat resistant (and don't get hot even in the worst of the summer), slip resistant, and are safe around electricity (non-steel toe, but they are composite, which should handle anything in a brewhouse that doesn't use a forklift).


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          Anybody used these?

          Did a little contract work for another brewery and saw these on the headbrewers feet, he swore by them.

          Click image for larger version

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            Originally posted by Jeremiah View Post
            Did a little contract work for another brewery and saw these on the headbrewers feet, he swore by them.

            I ordered mine from the first production run. I've tried pretty much every other brand and never had anything last longer than 9 months, with most leaking long before that. I've had my Brew Boots for just short of a year, and the sole on one has just started to separate from the body, but they STILL don't leak!
            They are also comparably very lightweight, the shock absorption is excellent, and they don't stink after a year of wearing every day. I've recommended them to all my brewer friends, I really hope this company sells enough to stick around, because I'll not be buying anything else.

            Joseph Ackerman
            Head Brewer, Granite Falls Brewing Co.


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              Originally posted by jimmygarison
              I'm just finishing up another 3 months and another search for boots. But did not found any Boots but now i'm still waiting .I hope i will find best boots ,actually i love the Reebok company boots.
              "Gumleaf USA offers incredibly comfortable and well-made boots: 85% natural rubber, air-filled soft rubber chambers under the heel and forefoot, handmade in Europe. They have an aggresive, non-slip tread also. What they do not have is a steel shank or so if you don't require either, give our boots a try. You won't find a more comfortable, better made boot on the planet."
              Jack Butler
              Gumleaf USA


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                Originally posted by beer_gorilla View Post
                these once great boots are now made in china. my original pair were champs, great brewery boots. the next pair i got were conspicuously missing the MADE IN USA on the front. a little research showed they are now made in China (also says so on the sole now). long story short, i have gone thru this pair in a couple months (usually get 6-8 months of daily wear, 8-10 hrs/day). the liner on the inside has degraded, now the bare rubber pulls my socks down and rubs holes in them. (as mentioned previously, wear good socks! worth the extra prices, but annoying as hell when your boots eat them). i've suspected they were leaking for a while and today, as i sit here w/ soaking wet socks, i can confirm this.

                sad...they used to be great. now i am definitely looking elsewhere (muckboots, baffins, guardians, servus)

                oh yeah...the thing that really pisses me off is they are now made in china (according to the company to save costs) but they still are the same price (if not higher) to us. BS in my book.
                What are your sock recommendations?


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                  Originally posted by scott isham View Post
                  Try this site. A little expensive, but worth the price.
                  looks interesting. Thanks for the site. I liked a pair. They are on the expensive end but they seem worth it


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                    I have been wearing Tingley boots for about 4 years now very comfortable and durable as all get out. I currently am wearing the Flite boots have been wearing them since January I cant recommend them enough.


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                      Has anybody tried the Crocs AllCast Rain Boots? I wear Carolina boots, now, but they seem to be wet after the second day of each week.
                      Robert Colianni


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                        I have rheumatoid arthritis. My joints (especially hands, feet, and knees) are anywhere from totally trashed to semi-functional depending on the day. I struggled with footwear for awhile. The last year and change I have settled on Boggs seamless rubber boots. They have composite toe, because I enjoy the safety feeling of it. They're super comfy, and go halfway up my calf. The main material is neoprene, with a rubber waterpoof layer from the bottom to just above the ankle. Good tread on them gives me some cushion from the concrete, as well as traction when the floors get slick sometimes. This is my first pair, but I can't really see myself using another brand unless these fail in some weird way.