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Need Waterproof, Comfortable Hiker Style Boot

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  • Need Waterproof, Comfortable Hiker Style Boot

    Having major issues with foot pain. I currently wear Keen boots, Braddock Lows I think, but need something that is more waterproof.
    Any try out the waterproof line of Keens, Merrells, etc?
    Will they handle alot of water day in and day out?
    Tried rubber with good insoles and still won't help. More interested in a work/hiker style, avoiding Bog or Muck style.

    Any input?

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    I wear my Asolo hiking boots in the brewery--but I'm not shoveling out the lauter tun or wading in spent yeast. They're leather outers, but Gore-tex lined, and quite waterproof. Very comfortable--I hike many miles a day on the concrete floors with no foot pain.
    Timm Turrentine

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      Yeah, assuming you want toe protection,
      I highly recommend the Wolverine Legend boots.

      They arent true hiking boots, as they are a bit heavy for that work. I have hiked in them once, not the best hike, but not terrible, only about 2.5 miles.

      Anyway, Ive had mine for 4 years in October, and they are just starting to leak as of 2 weeks ago. That being said, I never cleaned them, or cared for them in any way, besides spraying with a hose rarely, like if I got a ton of yeast on them or something. Caustic, acid, hot wort. Nothing got in, they look nice, and they are really comfy. Pretty slip resistant, Not quite as good as a shoes for crews, but still good enough. The insole is amazingly nice for a stock insole. Ive used it the entire 4 years. Just pulled it out and it looks pretty decent still.

      Cons, they have a break in period for sure. They are semi stiff on the sole, but flexible on ankle, and hold ankle well. They eventually leak, Im sure that could be prolonged if you took care of them. They are not the cheapest pair, but they do seem to last.

      I actually am known to just wear them the rest of the day after I get off of work. I think Ill order my replacement pair now.... My feet are actually kind of burning/sensitive like they got a chemical peel or something.

      EDIT: There is a soft toe version, but I have zero experience with that boot.

      Also, I need to add that I think they started leaking after I got some chemical like PAA or something soaked on me and then I used an eye wash station, the water got down my boats and soaked them pretty hard, insde and outside. THen I may have left in my car and they got super hot and dried out and got kind of hard. Then I used and they cracked where they bend, which is where they started leaking about 10 months later. Soooooooo, they may last even longer if you arent a fool.
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        Been wearing these for six months. TImberland Pro. Good chemical resistance. Water proof. Exceptionally comfortable for a work boot. (I have hiked in them). Light (composite toe and shank). Breathable. Excellent non-slip. Highly recommend. here.


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          i wear Shoes for Crews Voyager II ST and they are fine one my feet.