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Brewery floor coatings for concrete?

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    Originally posted by stltom View Post
    I just spoke with an associate of Frank's who was there when they applied the Seal Hard by Laticrete. They applied 6 coats, did it all to spec, and at best it lasted 4 months, before the aggregate was exposed again. The hot water and chemicals ate right through it. It is working ok in their restaurant with just foot traffic.
    So there ya go!
    Chiming in on the seal hard. It is NOT adequate for breweries. Maybe for a tasting room with just foot traffic, but not if you're using caustic and PAA. We had it installed a bit over a year ago, and the chemicals have eaten bits of the concrete already.


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      The important thing about SealHard -- which is great stuff -- is that it's a concrete hardener but NOT a floor finish. It will not give you that glossy, shiny look and it does not seal the pores of the cement. For that sort of thing -- shiny & sealed/sanitary -- you want a urethane sealant. Get one specifically rated for harsh chemicals, as you'll be dumping beer, PBW, etc., on it.