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DIY Brewery Drain Installation

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  • DIY Brewery Drain Installation

    How to do it...
    1. Cut a 24″ wide trench in existing slab and excavate.
    2. Install pit and drain sections. Bolt, level and secure.
    3. Pour and finish concrete.
    4. Apply protective floor coating.
    To Learn More About Brewery Drainage

    Where Drainage Matters In Breweries
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    Slot DrainĀ® is a one-piece, built-in sloped, open floor drain/surface drain system
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    I realize I am very late to the game on a response to this post, but I have some thoughts. The slot drain is a very nice option, and has it's place in a brewery application. However, bacteria growth, cleanout, and inspection would be my biggest concern. For that reason I would prefer a channel/grate option over the slot drain. I welcome thoughts and comments.


    • Slot_Drain_Systems
      Slot_Drain_Systems commented
      Editing a comment

      That's a great comment and actually a common question about Slot Drain.

      Our food-safe floor drain models have no seams or hard corners, which means there isn't anywhere bacteria can harbor and grow. As well, they're made from stainless steel, which is bacteria-resistant.

      We also include a brush and paddle cleaning kit, which are both specially designed to clean slot drain channels. The paddle helps move debris along the channel into the catch basin, and the brush can be inserted into the drain channel to scrub off any leftovers. Drains also have a clean in place (CIP) feature where you can flush the drain channel on a regular basis.

      Thanks to the shape, you can actually see the sides of the drain channel when you look through the slot, so inspections aren't an issue.

      That's our two cents, and we're happy to give some info on these features if you'd like to reach out: