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Cementitious urethane*(Flowfresh) or methyl methacrylate (MMA) resin ?

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  • Cementitious urethane*(Flowfresh) or methyl methacrylate (MMA) resin ?


    I'm in the process of fitting out my brewery and in particular at the moment fixing up the floors.

    I need to get some concrete poured to get the levels / falls correct but once that is done i'm trying to decide what coating to put on them.

    I was originally thinking about Flowfresh from Flowcrete but a supplier I have spoken to is trying to push me towards a German supplied MMA resin product.

    We haven't spoken about budget yet - other than he has said the cost of the two are fairly similar.

    I don't have an endless supply of cash but I also don't want to have to redo the floors in 2 years time - i.e. prepared to pay a bit more for the right product.

    Any experiences / advice on whether I should go with Flowfresh, MMA resin or something else would be much appreciated ?

    (I'm in Australia so advice on products rather than US based suppliers would be much appreciated)

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    I've used Flocrete...

    Amazing. The product we have is simply amazing. Tough and durable. Resistant to keg dings & chips, very smooth but boots grip it well. We've had ours since 2014 and still looks great. Even where we've slid tanks across the floor. It does stain a bit where we had chemical buckets, but not bad. The only thing that it hasn't stood up to was an idiot welder who burnt a tiny patch because he was too lazy to do his job right. Best floor I've ever worked on. It's pricey, but worth it. No experience with the German resin you speak of. I will never, ever use epoxy!
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      Thanks gitchegumee

      These guys are claiming the MMA is more durable but everything I've read about flowcrete seems to suggest it is the way to go..........