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floor trench on back side of tanks

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  • floor trench on back side of tanks

    Hi, I am looking to put a 7bbl brew house in an area in the building where the floor is already sloped. Its about 20 from entry to wall where the slope ends. My contractor insists we should trench it near the wall where the slope ends. But this would put the trench in the back side of the brewhouse.
    My question is are there other breweries that have done this? Seems like it would be a PIA to squeegee on the back side around the equipment. Or perhaps put the trench on the back where the floor ends but put additional drains in the middle of the floor that tie into the main trunk (near the wall).
    Or does it make more sense to trench the middle of the floor and dig out the remaining slope and poor it back in sloping to the center?

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    If you had the drain on the back side of the Brewhouse does the whole floors perfectly drain to that area? If so you can wash the floor to back side with a hose i have seen this done in smaller areas. I am in the process of starting a brewery myself and looking at this option in some aspects as well!

    If you had all the slope to back side you could slope the wall to drain area with a coating to ensure no puddles on the wall sid eof the drain.

    Feel free to cal me would love to help out on ideas and options!! CHEERS!!!!

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      He is right that the drain should be at the end of the slope. You are right that the best way to do it is have the drain middle. Could you re-think your layout and position the tanks and brewhouse so the trench is more open? Either way I would have a min. of 18" in-between walls and tanks so you can get around them to clean. 24" is better.
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