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Floor drains those use a "sediment style" drain system

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  • Floor drains those use a "sediment style" drain system

    Hello All!

    I will be brewing in an area that uses a sediment tank style drain. This part of the auto shop used to be a car wash, and after that it was used to store and work on cars. We can poured cement into our trough to allow for better drainage into the drain pipe. This pipe then leads into a sediment tank. The purpose of this is to, well, collect sediment. This is not so desired in the brewery world as we like all of our sediment to go away in a closed system.
    My question is... How many brewers out there have dealt with this style of drainage, and if so, what steps did you take to either keep it clean, or rebuild? I am going over all the options in my head, but would love feedback.

    Thanks in advance all!!!