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Anyone have experience with Truebond epoxy for floor repair/coating?

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  • Anyone have experience with Truebond epoxy for floor repair/coating?

    We have plenty of really trashed concrete floors and outdoor driving paths for the forklift. Between poor quality concrete, sub-zero winters, and lots of ice melt (salt), our outdoor concrete looks like the aftermath of a small war. Our indoor floors were either uncoated or poorly coated, and have suffered from all the stuff in a brewery that attacks concrete. They're becoming exposed aggregate floors.

    We'd be laying this down ourselves--Truebond does not demand the use of a pro--so any experience with applying it would be appreciated. Myself and assistant have a fair amount of concrete experience, but are both quite rusty.

    Due to our remote location, getting a pro out here is prohibitively expensive.

    Any other recommendations for DIY concrete repair/coating greatly appreciated!
    Timm Turrentine

    Terminal Gravity Brewing,
    Enterprise. Oregon.

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    We can help you guys out no problem! We have DIY options as well.
    Chris Klein
    Cell 541-510-1080
    Office (503) 769-6823


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      Timm, if you ran with True Bond I like to hear all details.
      Like did you use the PS and how much sand did you add.
      Warren Turner
      Industrial Engineering Technician
      HVACR-Electrical Systems Specialist
      Moab Brewery
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