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    I'm getting ready to install my trench drains and I need some advice. Based on some great reviews from this message board, I went with ACO drains. They're pretty sexy, but I'm not sure what I should use to seal the individual pieces together. Does anyone have a preferred chemical-resistant sealant?


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    Not exactly sure what you're looking for but i have used a couple Dap 3.0 products in the brewery and have been pleased. It comes in caulk tubes, i have used one to fill some chips and cracks in the floor to keep them from growing, almost 2 years ago and holding up very well with all the chems they are exposed to. -and it was self-leveling too. Another Dap 3.0 product i used to seal the plate (steel plate under the bottom) on the underneath my HLT - it is basically an industrial clear silicone sealant alternative that dries moderately hard but remains flexible and adheres like liquid nails.

    There may be some better products out there for your situation, but this is rather inexpensive (8-10 buck a tube) and you can get at Lowes or Home Depot. Maybe worth a small test area if you don't find anything else.

    Although if you haven't yet, i would first check with the Mfg of the drains to see what they recommend.

    anyway, good luck to you!!

    Now that i re-read your post, are you planning to seal all of the grates to one another? If so remember that you will want to be able to pull them out for cleaning, i.e. soaking grates, plugging up the drain and soaking the trench etc.
    OR are you referring to sealing the trench peices to one another?
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    Jeff Byrne


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      I was talking about sealing the individual trenches together. They are 1m sections and have a male end and female end that lock up with the corresponding end of the next section. The ACO installation manual just says to seal the joints with chemical resistant sealant, but does not have a list of recommended products.

      I was just hoping to get some feedback on any products that have or haven't worked for similar applications. I've used DAP for household projects but wasn't sure if it would be tough enough to handle life in a trench drain. Thanks for the recommendation.


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        I'm using Mea-Josam Fiberglass reinforced trench sections. My supplier has suggested high-temp silicone as a sealer between trench sections, so that is likely what I will be using.

        **Update. After speaking with my supplier again and the folks at Ellsworth Adhesives, I ended up buying this:

        As it turns out, the tech at Ellsworth is the father of a craft brewer.

        That said, ACO does have a specific product for bonding their trench sections. Check this out:

        Good Luck!
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          You can see here other alternatives of sealants that are industrial-grade and chemical resistant.


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            Feel free to call or email me. We would love to help in anyway possible.
            Chris Klein
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              Hey there Mike,

              We usually recommend NuFlux 302 High Temperature Silicone sealant to our customers.

              It is:

              - A 100% silicone RTV sealant
              - Certified by NSF
              - Adheres, bonds, insulates & makes gaskets
              - Good resistance to weathering, vibration, moisture, o-zone and extreme temperatures
              - 50 year durability

              Please let me know if you have any other questions!